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CommonCents Timeline

July 1, 2014
Officially Started the Dev't. of CommonCons-olidation Software. 

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We officially started the development of CommonCons-olidation Software a complementary software of CommonCents101 MicroFinance Software. This CommonCons when developed and implemented will gather data from the different CommonCents software installed in the different MFI branches and consolidate them into one database in the cloud. This web-based software will use  the latest technology in developing software. We will use the PDSA .Net Productivity Framework in the developing the "foundation" of this software and the DevExpress in designing majority of the parts of the user-interface (UI). This is a management software because it will use "dashboard" composed of  graphs, pies, gauges, pivot grid, grid, doughnut and other graphical items which will facilitate presentation of data. Organization-wide  and branch reports will  also be included in this software to substantiate or support the graphical presentation of data stated above. A prototype of this software will be launched soon. Please watch for this.        


June 1, 2014
Procurement of DevExpress Universal Subscription  and Renewal of PDSA .Net Application Framework development tools.

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We have purchased the DevExpress Universal Subscription and renewed the license  of PDSA .Net Application Framework. These state-of-the-art application development tools will be used in the development of future products and enhancement of current products. CommonCents is just the beginning. We have a vision to achieve.   


PDSA .NET Productivity Framework


February, 2014
Development of New CommonCents101 website and plans of procuring top-of-the-line software and development tools.

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CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software has now a new website face. This is in line with our plans of upgrading our products and services to meet our current and future  clients' needs. In connection with this, we are also procuring new software and top-of-the-line development tools to upgrade our software and develop complementary software.   


December, 2013
CommmonCents 20-20 program for MFIs in areas affected by Haiyan/Yolanda super typhoon.

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The Philippines was badly hit by a super typhoon last November 8, 2013. To help Philippine MicroFinance Institutions (MFIs) which were affected by Haiyan/Yolanda super typhoon rebuild their loan portfolios, CENTECH Corp decided to create the 20-20 CommonCents acquisition program. With this,  CommonCents 101 Software License price will be reduced by eighty percent (80%) if MFIs will acquire the software on or before May 8, 2014--one half year after the typhoon devastated the Philippines. We will also reduce the first year Maintenance Fee by eighty percent for the first year. We call it CommonCents 20-20 program because what the MFI will be paying is only 20% of the license price and 20% of the first year maintenance fee. From May 9 2014 to Nov 8 2014 we will be offering a 50-50 program. We will reduce the first year maintenance fee by 50% and the license price by 50%.  This pricing scheme is only for new acquisition and for MFIs with branches operating in the areas hit by Haiyan/Yolanda Typhoon last November 2013. If MFIs have multiple branches, then the scheme is only applicable for branches in the affected areas. To qualify for this program, MFIs should formally apply and show proof that the area where their branch office is located is affected by the typhoon. For inquiries you may call or email us.  


August 25, 2012
CommonCents 101 Micro-Finance Software Celebrated Its 10th Year Anniversary

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CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software is now 10 years old. The simple celebration entitled "Celebrating God's Grace"  held at CENTECH Office  was attended by close friends and colleagues of CENTECH Corporation.


September 2011
CommonCents 101 is now Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) ready

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CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software is now a 4-in 1 software. Aside from its existing three systems (MF Loan Monitoring System, MF Savings Monitoring System and Accounting System) it has now a Social Performance Management System (SPMS). The sytem can be set-up to handle
Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) indicators and/or other social performance tool indicators (ex. PAT, own tool) depending the MFI's choice. In fact even two (2) social pefromance tools (ex. PPI and PAT) can both exist and can be used simultaneously. Since reports for this social performance management system is not so defined yet in the MicroFinance Industry, we encourage anyone to supply us witht the necessary reporting requirements so that we can integrate it the system. we also need some reporting requirements so that it can integrated in the design of the database structures. This SPMS is available in the MYSQL version only. The screenshot below shows the sample PPI Indicators of the Philippines. Other country PPI indicators can be easily entered and setup. For other social peformance tool (ex. PAT) indicators it can also be inputted and set-up to meet MFIs' needs.


August 2011
CommonCents "MySQL Connected" Micro-Finance software is ready for those who want to upgrade to MySQL Community Server as its database

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We are happy to announce that  we have tested the CommonCents 101 MySQL version to the latest version of MySQL Community Server ver 5.5.15  and is now ready for release to those who want to upgrade to a new database server (MySQL). CommonCents 101 MySQL version can run in MySQL 5.1.x also but we recommend that MFI will use the latest version of MYSQL Community Server--5.5.15. We have also developed (step by step) procedures on how to export the database from MS Access (Jet) Database into MYSQL database in just few hours (or should i say,  minutes). The main improvement of CommonCents MYSQL version aside from the use of MySQL server as its database is the addition of the fourth system--The Clients' Social Performance Management System (CSPMS) particularly for the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI). Other Social Performance Tools (ex Poverty Assessment Tool (PAT) ) can also be incorporated in the software.  The new  (CSPMS) system integrates its new inputted data to the already existing data (ex. Clients Profile and Loan Data) of CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software. Interested MFIs may communicate to us so that we can set-up their requirements and probably incorporate new reports for their immediate information and reportorial needs. 


November 2010
"MySQL Connected" CommonCents available soon

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We are happy to announce that early next year Centech Corp. will  be releasing a version of   CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software that can use or connect to the most famous open-source database--MySQL. MySQL is being used by big companies like Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Youtube for their enterprise software. The fact that well-known companies are using this database is like saying that MySQL performance is good--it is reliable and scalable,  neeedless to mention that there are  other good features in it.  With this CommonCents' development, present and future client-partners (MicroFinance Institutions) of CommoCents need  not worry about the reliability  and dependability of the database to be used (as well as the cost of acquiring it) because they have the choice of using, either propriety database of MicroSoft or an open-source database--MySQL. MFIs can download the MYSQL software--Community Server version (GA) (it is free)-- and install it to their computers. The download site is 
http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/. MFIs can then purchase  or upgrade to the new CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software version and use MySQL server as its database. Or should I say connect to the MYSQL server database, with CommonCents-compatible Database created on it. Of course, CENTECH personnel can facilitate the creation of CommonCents database in MySQL server of MFIs. The Beta version of CommonCents  codename "CommonCentsMySQL" is now being tested in CENTECH Corporations' facilities and computers.  It will be further tested in some MFIs' computers  early next year and is scheduled to be released before May 2011.


October 2010
CommonCents Micro-Finance Software is now in Fiji Islands

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CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software is now officially in Fiji Islands. The software is being used by South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) Foundation for their Fiji MicroFinance Operations starting at Suva, Fiji and will be  eventually expanded to neighboring towns in the next few months. Carlo Sicad went to Fiji Island to personally train the Fiji SPBD staff on how to operate the software. Other SPBD staff in the neighboring country also went to Fiji to avail of the training.  SPBD headed by their founding president Greg Casagrande  is a successful MicroFinance Institution (MFI) in the Pacific Islands. It started its operation in Samoa, and then expanded to Tonga last year and now in Fiji Islands. SPBD is using  CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software in their three-country microfinance operations since 2007. CENTECH Corp. is  proud to be a  partner of SPBD in its vision of helping the people in the Pacific Islands through MicroFinance and other Social Development (SD) programs.


July 2009
CommonCents Micro-Finance Software in YouTube

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Congratulations, CENTECHCommonCents! With your first video now uploaded, you're ready to go even deeper into the YouTube experience.

Please click the Youtube logo or here to view Demo of CommonCents.

Our first YOUTUBE video is just a milestone of our history. This milestone will inspire us to make more CommonCents 101 Software's "HOW TOs" and other informative videos which will be published in Youtube to facilitate technical support to our present and future client-partners--The MicroFinance Institutions (MFIs).


July 2009
CommonCents Micro-Finance Software is now in Tonga (Pacific Islands)

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CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software expands its international reach. It is now in Tonga (Pacific Island) --the 3rd international country outside the Philippines where the software is now operating. The software was installed and being used by South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) since July 2009 as SPBD expands its operations in Tonga. (
Website of SPBD)



Year 2008
CENTECH acquired new technology to better support its client partners

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CENTECH Corp.--the maker of CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software acquired new IT tools and technologies to improve its services, to better support its client-partners. The new technologies will facilitate development of new software (MicroFinance and others) which will complement the existing CommonCents101 MF software.  CENTECH had acquired the PDSA computer framework from Paul D. Sheriff and Associates (PDSA) in California USA (http://www.pdsa.com) and other new commercial software like Visual Studio.Net to add to their current tools. These PDSA framework will facilitate development of web-based applications as well as efficient desktop applications using the VB.net framework and new technologies (like ADO.Net, N-tier architecture, etc.)  


June 2007
CommonCents Micro-Finance Software in Samoa

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CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software got its second international client in Apia, Samoa. The software was installed and being used by South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) since July 2007.

May 19, 2007
CENTECH Corp. Conducted its 1st Strategic Planning Session


On May 19, 2007 CENTECH Corp. conducted its first Strategic Planning Session. This was attended by CENTECH key personnel and partners. The aim of that session was to come up with a strategic plan for the next five years of operations. Among the things that achieved was the formulation of a vision--To Develop a MicroFinance Credit Bureau for the Philippines. We also formulated some goals like development of complementary software for  CommonCents101 MicroFinance Software.


December 26, 2006
CommonCents Micro-Finance Software for the year 2006

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The year 2006, with God's grace, is a very  blessed year for CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software and CENTECH Corporation. For this year, we have added five (5) new client-partners in our existing list. They are: Kauswagan Bank, a microfinance-oriented bank of TSKI, operating in Visayas, Philippines; Alay Buhay Community  Development Foundation, an NGO-MFI operating in Luzon, Philippines; Opportunity MicroFinance Bank (OMB), a microfinance-oriented bank, operating in Luzon, Philippines, and soon in other parts of the Philippines;  Katuwang Development Foundation, an NGO-MFI operating In Visayas, Philippines; and CFC Tekton Foundation, an NGO-MFI, operating in Luzon, Philippines.  This makes the total number of CENTECH's client-partners  to
eleven (11) MicroFinance Institutions (MFIs) with more than 101 branch-installations nationwide. The composition of the eleven (11) client-partners is; 1 rural bank, 2 microfinance-oriented banks and 8 legitimate NGO-MFIs in the Philippines and in Vanuatu. 


December 14, 2005
CommonCents Micro-Finance Software goes international

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CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software has now an international user in the name of VANWODS MicroFinance, Inc. The contract agreement was officially signed by Mr. Elrico Muņoz, Managing Director of VANWODS and Filomeno Carlo B. Sicad, Founding President and CEO of CENTech Corp. last December 14, 2005. The software will be formally installed in the office of VANWODS this coming January 2006. VANWODS MicroFinance Inc. is located in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Vanuatu, an 80-island archipelago with a total population of 200,000 persons, is located 1,400 miles northeast of Sydney, Australia.   This new development shows that CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software is now recognized by some International MicroFinance Institutions (MFIs) to be useful in their operations. CENTech Corp., the maker of CommonCents 101 software, is  continuously improving the software so that it can address the information and reportorial requirements of MFIs not only in the Philippines but worldwide.


December 1, 2005
CommonCents Micro-Finance Software Online Help can now be viewed from this site

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CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software Web Help (Beta Version) is now available for  viewing. To view it, just click this help link. This is one way of demonstrating to our existing and future client-partners that CENTech Corp. is committed to improving the CommonCents 101 MicroFinance and Banking Software as well as push its technical support in the Internet. These Web Help Files and Online Help File  will be further improved to integrate newly-made features of the software. CommonCents 101 software is continuously enhanced to meet new information and reportorial requirements of MFIs and banks. 


September 26, 2005
CommonCents website ranked #1 in Yahoo Search list

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CommonCents 101 website is now searchable in Yahoo search engine. In fact, if you use the keywords "Banking and MicroFinance Software" as your search words, CommonCents 101 website will rank # 1 in the list. This is to show that CommonCents 101 website is considered by Yahoo search engine as one of the informative websites when it comes to MicroFinance and Banking Software. Below is the screenshot of that search result which was done last Sept. 26, 2005. Please note that CommonCents 101 website ranks #1 out of 58,200 possible sites if you use the keywords "Banking and MicroFinance Software".


September 14, 2005
CommonCents is now included in CGAP software list

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CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software was approved by CGAP to be included in their list of 57 Microfinance related software. It was approved by Gabriel Metz (Horus Development Finance) under CGAP Technology Resource Center Project. This is to show that CommonCents 101 is at par with other software worldwide and is recognized by CGAP software evaluators to meet the basic requirements of a good microfinance software. We at CENTech Corp. are determined to continuously enhance it to make it a better software meeting client-partners information and reportorial needs and will always be at par if not better than other new evolving world-class software. To see the listings visit the URL below:



August 27, 2002
CommonCents and CENTECH Corp. started

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CENTECH Corp. was registered in SEC and CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software was the official flagship software of the company.




Carlo B. Sicad
Chief Software Architect, President and CEO
CEN Systems and Technologies (CENTECH) Corporation
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Telephone: +63 46 4245797 - PLDT New No. +63 46 4892163 (sometimes down)
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