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CommonCents Policies

License Price Yearly Maintenance Enhancements Policy  |  Consultancy

  Software License Price

Please call CENTECH Corp. at +63 46 424 5797/ +63 46 489 2163 or email us at fcbsicad@yahoo.com for the base price of the software.

The base price of the software is per license or branch. Meaning you have to pay for every license of every branch that you have. In addition to license price,  you have to pay a yearly maintenance fee which is 25% of the license fee.  There is also a training fee and the cost is per day. The normal training days that we require is 7 days but we can reduce it to 5 days or increase it to 9 days depending on the capability of your staff. We recommend that you hire an MIS staff to expedite transfer of knowledge.  Please read the policies of Yearly Maintenance Fee and Training Fee below.

You may incur additional costs for the purchase of Computer Operating System (ex. Microsoft Windows) license (if these licenses are yet not existing in your office). For databases, you have to purchase the MS SQL Server 2000 license from its vendor if you opt to use the CommonCents 101 Professional. If you opt to use the CommonCents 101 Lite, there is no need to purchase the database because it is integrated in the distribution of software which is developed by Visual Basic. However, it is recommended that you buy the license of Microsoft Access (at least in one computer) so that maintenance of database will be facilitated.   If your organization wants to have a Crystal Report software for the development of customized reports and data-mining then you may purchase it from its vendor. MS Access will also be used in the development of customized reports using crystal report software. If you want to use the software in a multi-user environment, you need to set-up the Local Area Networking (LAN), Please see the Hardware and Software requirements for more details.


  Yearly Maintenance Fee

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Commoncents101 is designed to meet the unique needs of MFIs on recording large volume of data and for loan tracking. We believed that supporting the operation of your MFI is long-term commitment that should be mutually nurtured.

For our mutual long-term benefit, we do not just sell Commoncents 101 software to our client-partners but also support service through a yearly maintenance fee. We believe that a system is not finished at any one point in time but will need continuous enhancements based on clients’ new information and reportorial requirements. With this perspective, we will continue to debug and upgrade the system for the emerging needs of our client-partners.

We need your support in undertaking this long-term process of debugging and upgrading to meet your emerging needs. The yearly maintenance fee is also being practiced by large software companies and their respective clients.

For a fee equivalent to twenty-five (25%) of the license price, CENTech Corp. will provide continuous technical support to client partners to ensure proper operation and utilization of Commoncents101 in support to your operations. This fee shall be paid at the beginning for the first year and every year thereafter.

With its payment, the client partners shall be entitled to receive technical support using email, text messages (SMS) and phone and will be allowed to access the support features in our website (www.commoncents101.com). The client-partners shall be allowed to get and download same-platform software updates and upgrades free of charge. They shall also receive new reports from time to time. This arrangement of providing software updates shall ensure that the software currently used by the MFI is at par with the current IT technology . The updates could be downloaded from the website or the client-partners could request for a copy in a CD with the corresponding minimal fee for the cost of the CD and the courier fee, etc.

A client-partner shall lose its right to use the software when it ceases to pay the yearly maintenance fee. This fee will be added to the license fee; hence the Commoncents101 is not for sale separately from the yearly maintenance fee.


  Policy on Software Enhancements

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Commoncents101 is designed to meet the unique needs of MFIs on recording large volume of data and for loan tracking. We believed that supporting the operation of your MFI is long-term commitment that should be mutually nurtured.

CENTech is committed to make Commoncents101 a world class software for microfinance. We anchored this commitment to the fact that Commoncents101 was primarily designed for Microfinance Operations and currently being upgraded to cater to banking operations. It is currently included in the list of CGAP as one of the software for microfinance.

Banking modules will be added to the banking subsystem of Commoncents101 to make it functional and appropriate to support the operations in banking environment. This banking subsystem however, if not packaged with the original license will require the payment of additional licensing cost.

Commoncents101 is not finished at any point in time so we can continuously make enhancements and integrate it to the succeeding new versions. We also encourage our client-partners to report any bugs that you may find in the system, for immediate repair (free of charge).

The software can be readily used by MFIs operating under various variants such as Grameen, ASA, Village banking or other MFI methodology and/or simple bank operations - by just adjusting some software parameters and set-up configuration. However, if this approach is not feasible and if the client-partner wants to add customized information and reportorial requirement, CENTech is very willing to study the problem and integrate its solution into the next release.

This willingness and commitment of CENTech to develop new modules and reports based on requests do not mean that we will compromise the other users of the software. We make it a point that enhancements and additional features will not create bugs or compromise the existing modules with reference to the Commoncents101 Master Plan. If the request is relatively small then it could be integrated and included in the next release.

If however, the request is relatively difficult and will greatly alter the software enhancement master plan, then we will require the requesting client-partner to shoulder the cost of the modifications or improvements. The resulting modifications or improvements, however, shall be available and shared with other client-partners free of charge. The sharing with others in the MFI community would benefit all the other client-partners in serving their respective members.

We believe that sharing is the best strategy in software development and enhancement in the Microfinance Industry. This strategy was used in the early years of development of Commoncents101 to ensure that it would specifically address the unique needs of the MFIs as well as making it available at an affordable price level.

We would require and encourage our present and future client-partners to honor this strategy of sharing the enhancements with others in the microfinance industry. We intend to allow Commoncents101 to grow with or even lead in serving the information and reportorial requirements of our client-partners at par with the world-class standards. This is our way of saying that we will continuously support and improve Commoncents101 to support the Microfinance Industry worldwide. We can do it by helping each other and sharing the benefits of having client-responsive software -- The Commoncents101.


   On-Site Technical Consultancy and Training

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In case of requests that will require on-site technical assistance or training (CENTech personnel going to the MFIs’ site), a professional fee for the staff on a per day basis will be required to be paid by the requesting client-partners. The professional fee will be based on an 8-hour workday and at the prevailing CENTech rate.

On requests for training, we require that at least two (2) CENTech personnel shall be present to conduct the training for participants of more than 10 persons. For training with less that 11 participants, one (1) CENTech Personnel maybe enough to handle it. The client-partners will also shoulder transportation (fastest route) costs for the CENTech personnel, including food and hotel expenses incurred during the conduct of the activity.

In the future, we will be designing training courses for the different levels of personnel in the MFI organization. The details of the new training courses will be announced later.


Carlo B. Sicad
Chief Software Architect, President and CEO
CEN Systems and Technologies (CENTECH) Corporation
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Imus, Cavite, Philippines 4103

Telephone: +63 46 4245797 - PLDT New No. +63 46 4892163 (sometimes down)
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Best time to call is 10AM - 12NN
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