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About Us
The Company |  Our Philosophy  |  Our Vision


The Company: 

Centech Corp. was founded in 2002,  but the company principals has more than 3 decades of experience in Information Technology (IT) in the areas of systems analysis and design, programming, application software development, management information systems, geographic information systems (GIS) applications, consultancy and training. The founder and Chief Software Architect of CommonCents alone started developing software since 1987.

In the field of MIcroFinance, the chief software architect has also  been developing software for Microfinance since 2001. In fact, he is very fortunate to have immersed in the MicroFinance Industry starting 2001 during his consultancy in an ADB project,  where part of project was to develop an MIS software for Grameen Bank Replicators (GBARS) in the Philippines, and up to the present where he personally manages the enhancement and implementation of CommonCents software to the present CENTECH's client-partners. During his ADB-Project time,  he visited big and legitimate MFIs in the Philippines to gather information and reportorial requirements for  system analysis and design. And at the end of the project in 2001, he also visited 10 big MFIs to  pilot test the software which the group developed. He even stayed in one of the staff houses of NWTF (Binalbagan branch)  for more than a week and experienced attending Grameen center meetings, talking to clients, and observing the microfinance operations of the branch.  He also talked to the different MFIs' heads (i.e. ED, CEO, President, Coop Gen managers) during site visits in the areas  and in some mcirofinance conferences.  After the ADB-Project the chief software architect continued developing MicroFinance software because he  was requested by some of the MFIs to develop a new microfinance software to compensate for the features which was lacking in the software they were using which the group developed. This was the reason why the CommonCents 101 MicroFinance Software and CENTECH Corp.  came in being in 2002. Today, CENTECH hase been improving the software to cater to the new  information and reportorial requirements of the MicroFinance Industry which we gather from talking personally to  MicroFinance players and from attending MicroFinance conferences. In fact, in the next version of CommonCents we will be including module to monitor client's socio economic profile (PPI and PAT). This will make CommonCents  not only a 3-in-1 software but a 4-in-1 software. Software with 4 systems--Loan Tracking System, Savings Tracking System, Accounting System and then Socio Economic Profile Tracking System). Other modules/systems (i.e. Insurance, PDA, Money Transfer,Use of Phone,  etc) will also be studied and CENTECH Corp. will try to incorporate it in CommonCents if possible or make another software to complement CommonCents. At the very higher end, God willing, CENTECH Corp. will pursue its vision of creating a Credit Sharing Software for the MicroFinance Industry. We have started this already.              

In general, we design and develop software products for microfinance institutions (MFIs), cooperatives, banks and non-government organizations (NGOs). Subsequently, we will provide similar services and products for small and medium-size businesses. The products and services are intended to enable clients/partners to provide better and faster services to its customers as well as provide information support for better decision-making.

Our personnel have been working in diverse organizations promoting various social concerns and community development. These organizations include non-government organizations (NGOS) such as the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), People's Credit Financing Corporation (PCFC) and its conduit organizations, the Culion Foundation Incorporated (CFI), the Christian Childrens Fund (CCF), and the Foundation for Development Alternatives (FDA), among others, as well as various agencies of the Government of the Philippines, private entities and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on the microfinance software for Grameen-type microfinance operations.

Our company was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Republic of the Philippines (last August 27, 2002) and is supporting the promotion of social equity and development.


Our Philosophy

We aim to provide software products with high functionality at reasonable cost to meet the information management needs of its clients/partners for better efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. We also aim that our business must also earn a reasonable profit to enable us to continue serving and supporting your operations. Our core values in support to these objectives are as follows:

  • Priority of meeting needs of client/partners by supporting their core functions;

  • Importance of incremental improvement, even with cost reduction of just a single centavo and replicated to the nth time; and

  • Balancing work and leisure for the sustenance of the soul and body as well as devoting time for God, family and community.

Our basic operational approach is to work jointly with clients to better respond to their needs as embodied in the phrase "Together we develop ideas, solutions and systems to meet needs focusing on results."  The results could be greater transparency in the clients operations, lower cost in record keeping and tracking as well as good governance and improvement in operations viability.


"Together we develop
ideas, solutions and
systems to meet needs focusing on results."

Our Vision

Establishment of  A MicroFinance Credit Bureau.  First, for the Philippines MicroFinance Industry. And then for the Whole World MicroFinance Industry.

For a Start, we are developing the CommonClouds.net -- A MicroFinance Credit Bureau.


Carlo B. Sicad
Chief Software Architect, President and CEO
CEN Systems and Technologies (CENTECH) Corporation
3rd Floor 2636 Vienna St., Golden City
Imus, Cavite, Philippines 4103

Telephone: +63 46 4245797 - PLDT New No. +63 46 4892163 (sometimes down)
+63 999 7001745
Best time to call is 10AM - 12NN
Philippine Time (UTC +08:00)

E-mail: fcbsicad@yahoo.com


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